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Word of Revelation started out as a simple bible study at the home of Apostle Terry and Pastor Mary Jefferson. The Lord spoke to Apostle Jefferson, after two years telling him to step out on faith and start a church. After much prayer, Apostle & Pastor were obedient to the voice of the Lord and Stepped out on Faith. They began searching for a new location to have their services and came to the agreement of the Hilton Hotel. The first service was held February 1,1998. the congregation began to grow rapidly. Apostle Jefferson also held a radio ministry whiched helped the congregation population as well. After eight monthesat the Hilton, they located a building of their own. Word of Revelation Ministries, Inc. held their first service in their own building October 25, 1998. After a year of being at the new location, the ministry began to expand, during this time Apostle started a started a second radio ministry. The Congregation was still growing quite rapidly so Apostle & Pastor Jefferson Stepped out on faith again and located a bigger building where the current services are being held.

Our Vision

We will take this gospel to the nations, presenting the truths of God's Word that set people free from the bondage's of hurt and pain. Preaching the Rehma Word that reveals God's plans for the nations. Equipping all God's people with the power to love one another. Breaking down the barriers that kept God's people divided. Building an empire of believers that will reach peoplefrom all walks of life, equipping mean and women of God with the ability to minister and help build homeless shelters, rape crisis centeres, substance abuse centers, battered women shelters, homes for the elderly, and food banks to provide food and clothing for the needy. building and empire of believers that will what fulfill all the WILL OF GOD.