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I Want to Give


Word of Revelation started out as a simple bible study at the home of Apostle Terry and Pastor Mary Jefferson. The Lord spoke to Apostle Jefferson, after two years telling him to step out on faith and start a church. After much prayer, Apostle & Pastor were obedient to the voice of the Lord and Stepped out on Faith. They began searching for a new location to have their services and came to the agreement of the Hilton Hotel. The first service was held February 1,1998. the congregation began to grow rapidly. Apostle Jefferson also held a radio ministry 

which helped the congregation population as well. After eight monthesat the Hilton, they located a building of their own. Word of Revelation Ministries, Inc. held their first service in their own building October 25, 1998. After a year of being at the new location, the ministry began to expand, during this time Apostle started a started a second radio ministry. The Congregation was still growing quite rapidly so Apostle & Pastor Jefferson Stepped out on faith again and located a bigger building where the current services are being held.

We are Builders

At Word of Revelation Ministries we believe every individual is unique and has something to offer in  upbuilding our church, our community, and the Kingdom of God. Build with us by Giving to WORM, Sharing Revelation, and Growing at WORM.


The essence of Word of Revelation Ministries is not contingent upon a fancy logo or advertising, but in the experience and encounter each member/visitor has with Jesus Christ. It is important to have an encounter with Christ and be an encounter reflective of Christ.

We are Servants

It’s important to devote time, treasure, and talent back to God. Service to God and service to others are an expressed part of our passion for Christ and for people. We encourage all of our members to volunteer on a Ministry or take advantage of upcoming opportunities for Community Outreach.

When and Where We Worship


School of Life @ 10am

Sunday Worship Service @11am


Prayer @ 6pm

Bible Study @ 7pm

Join us every Wednesday @ 6pm &  [email protected] 11am